2019 CAPER Pancreas Academy Slides and Videos

CAPER is pleased to offer the slides from the 2019 Pancreas Academy. To access the slides, click on the title below.

Primer: Anatomy, Physiology, and Function of the Pancreas

Presented by Fred Gorelick, MD 


Overview of Acute Pancreatitis: Presentation, Diagnosis, Severity and Course

Presented by Bechien Wu, MD


Overview of Chronic Pancreatitis: Presentation, Diagnosis, Course

Presented by Vikesh Singh, MD, MSc

Overview of Pancreatic Disease in Children

Presented by Maisam Abu-El-Haija, MD

Pancreas Cancer 101: Diagnosis and Current Treatment Approaches

Presented by Bill Fisher, MD


Imaging Modalities of Pancreatic Disorders

Presented by Andrew Trout, MD

Endotherapy in Acute and Chronic Pancreatitis

Presented by George Papachristou, MD, PhD

Endotherapy Application in Pediatric Disease

Presented by Quin Liu, MD

Surgical Principles in Managing Acute & Chronic Pancreatitis

Presented by Steven Hughes, MD

Diabetes Mellitus and Pancreatic Disease

Presented by Melena Bellin, MD

Cystic Fibrosis

Presented by Zachary Sellers, MD