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The CAPER Trainee Committee's goal is to promote and conduct inter-institutional, inter-disciplinary, collaborative pancreatic research projects through networking. The committee conducts monthly teleconferences with the CAPER Trainee members with guest faculty speakers who interact with the trainees. 

Meet The Trainees

Dr. Samuel Han

Trainee Chair

  "I am an aspiring pancreatologist, finishing up advanced endoscopy training this July. I will be an advanced endoscopy/pancreatology faculty at UPenn starting September 2018. My passion is in promoting collaborative research in pancreatology, mentoring junior trainees, and designing a system of care for patients with acute pancreatitis when they are discharged from the hospital"    

Dr. Venkata Akshintala

Communications Chair

 "I am a clinical and research fellow at Johns Hopkins Hospital with special interest in pancreatic disorders. I am interested in using a multi-dimensional, collaborative approach in understanding these pancreatic disorders by combining evidence from epidemiological, clinical and basic / translational research. Also interested in applying novel methodologies in clinical trials, prognostic modelling in clinical research to make them more effective and applicable in impacting patient care." 

Dr. Livia Archibugi

"30 year old, from Rome, Italy, about to graduate from Gastroenterology residency (University Sapienza) with a clinical thesis about pancreatic adenocarcinoma.I graduated from med school in 2012 with a basic science thesis about Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors developed at NIH (Bethesda). I plan to attend a PhD on pancreas research. I took part to pancreas2000 8th course. Main interests in pancreas research: pancreatic cancer and acute pancreatitis. Basic skills on ERCP and EUS and abdominal ultrasonography. Other interests: music, astronomy, krav maga."

Dr. Amir Gougol

"I am currently an internal medicine resident. Over the last 3 years, I have been involved in several research projects at the University of Pittsburgh, Pancreas division. For instance, I served to establish APPRENTICE study under the guidance of Georgios Papachristou which resulted in a successful international consortium. My goal is to become clinician-scientist in the field of pancreatic disorders. My areas of interests include the dynamics of organ failure after acute pancreatitis, and the role of computational biology to discover the models of severity in acute pancreatitis. "

Dr. Samuel Han

"I am currently the therapeutic endoscopic fellow at the University of Colorado. I was a chief resident at the University of Massachusetts and a chief fellow at the University of Colorado. My primary focus is in chronic pancreatitis and pancreatic endotherapy.  Specifically within chronic pancreatitis, I am interested in the effects of smoking and within pancreatic endotherapy, I am interested in investigating how endotherapy affects patient-centered outcomes such as quality of life.  Being part of the CAPER network has been fantastic and I truly enjoy meeting and collaborating with fellow trainees who are passionate about the pancreas! I believe CAPER will go a long way in training the next generation of pancreatologists."

Dr. Puanani Hopson

"I am a Pediatric GI Fellow at the University of Florida at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children in Orlando, FL. I became involved in the CAPER Trainee Committee after attending and presenting research at Pancreas Fest in 2018.  CAPER Trainee Committee is expanding its reach to provide education and collective research projects, and I am excited to continue working on this committee.  My goal is to continue to recruit more pediatric focused trainees to CAPER, in effort to collaborate on research projects and share in the resources and networks that the Trainee Committee has worked hard to establish.  My research interest are in Pediatric Pancreatology with a special focus on exocrine pancreatic insufficiency."

Dr. Chris Moreau

Chris is a Biomedical Engineer with over 20 years of experience in the medical industry, including healthcare delivery, medical device manufacturing, clinical engineering, and academic research.  His interests include medical device design, research/clinical trials, healthcare facility design/medical equipment planning, and clinical process/quality improvement.  He is a proud native Texan who was educated at all three of the state’s largest universities and has worked in most of Texas’ largest hospitals.  In his free time Chris enjoys hiking, traveling with his wife, competing at BBQ cook offs, and volunteering with Pancreas disease organizations.

Dr. Adrianne Tsen

"I am an Internal Medicine resident from the University of Texas Health - San Antonio with strong interests in Pancreatobiliary diseases and Clinical Nutrition.  The CAPER Trainee Committee has been essential in pursuing my vision of becoming an Advanced Endoscopist and I hope to be as great of a mentor as those that I have met through this committee.  My best advice is if you have any interest at all in contributing to the Pancreatobiliary field, then join CAPER."  

Dr. Cemal Yazici

"I am a junior faculty member in the Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology at the University of Illinois at Chicago. In addition to my clinical duties, I also work to further expand our pancreatic research program. I am  particularly interested in acute and chronic pancreatitis, health-care disparities in pancreatic diseases and role of diet in pancreatitis. I presented at national and international meetings and developed additional collaborations with experts and colleagues during these meetings. CAPER and PancreasFest played a key role in establishing productive collaborations during this transition period. Currently, I am working on a pilot grant project that investigates the role of a potential biomarker in acute pancreatitis and also completing a retrospective study to better identify existing health care disparities in acute pancreatitis. I plan to submit a career development award application in upcoming months." 

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CAPER had the opportunity to sponsor a lunch for the CAPER trainee committee and friends at the 2019 DDW in San Diego.


The Collaborative Alliance for Pancreatic Education and Research’s (CAPER) mission is: (a) to facilitate the collaboration of researchers of pancreatic diseases and to support scientifically rigorous multi-center studies in pancreatic diseases; (b) to educate and train healthcare providers in pancreatic diseases; (c) and to increase public health awareness regarding pancreatic diseases.


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